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Did you know that 27% of new move-ins begin their search for a church online? When they find your church website, what kind of impression does it make?

God’s Kingdom deserves (and arguable demands) better than an online representation that is stuck in the 90′s. You might be relevant, but do you look like you’re relevant? We believe that God’s Work should look it’s best, both online and in print.

Professional Church Website Designing and Marketing Services

Our heart is for the Church, so that’s who we serve. We have been building great websites for gospel ministry since 2004, working hard to make the process as simple and painless as possible. CauseKeepers is a trusted church website design company. We’ve helped churches from across the U.S., stemming from practically all denominations, with our church website builder and marketing solutions. We have provided marketing and design services for small churches and ministry giants such as Turning Point and David Jeremiah. Our high quality church websites look great, function well, and help give your organization the exposure you’re after.

We understand the impact a church can have on a community and the importance of strategic engagement that opens the door for outreach. Many who first glance at your ministry will do so on a mobile device. Is your site optimized for mobile use and navigation? Our church website design services are crafted uniquely for each and every congregation we work with, allowing your church to get the exact website solution it needs. We help churches with their outreach, collecting donations, managing content, maintaining member directories, posting news and events, getting feedback via polls, gaining exposure in the community, and stating general information like no other. We empower you through a clear and simple process that includes training videos that set you up for manageable success. Your best foot forward for His glory. That is why discerning ministries choose CauseKeepers for professional church web designing, website development, SEO and social media management. Get started for free with our design brief. Your ministry is worth it. We are excited for you!

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